2023 Primary results in three Republican runoffs, uncontested races continue to rise

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UPDATED 8-9-2023 11:30 am: Election Day Data as of 9:45pm (see PDF links below post)


Delbert Hosemann handed Chris McDaniel his third statewide election defeat, as the number of contested races continued to decrease in Mississippi.

In 2023, for the first time since Reconstruction, there were enough Republicans running without Democratic opponents to guarantee that Republicans would rule both of Mississippi’s legislative chambers.

Democrats controlled the Mississippi Legislature from 1876 until 2007. Republicans won control of both chambers in 2011. Since then, the number of uncontested races has steadily increased.

The number of seats without Republican opponents has remained fairly constant between 2011 and 2023, with a high of 55 seats in 2019 and low of 47 in 2023. The number of seats without Democratic opponents has consistently increased from 55 in 2011 to 98 in 2023.

Also in 2023, neither major party fielded a candidate in House District 96, thus guaranteeing the seat to an independent.


Union County Republican Runoff August 29

Circuit Clerk:  Christy Adair vs  Donna Treadaway

Sheriff:  Jimmy Edwards vs Chad Glasson

District 3 Supervisor: CJ Bright vs Michael Moody


Statewide races in November 7 General Election

Governor: (R)Tate Reeves vs (D)Brandon Presley

Lt. Governor:  (R)Delbert Hosemann vs (D) D. Ryan Grover

Sec of State: Incumbent (R) Watson vs (D) Young

Attorney General: Incumbent (R) Fitch vs (D) Greta Kemp Martin

Auditor: Incumbent (R) White vs (D) Bradford

Treasurer: Incumbent (R) McRae vs (D) Green

Insurance Commissioner : Incumbent (R) Chaney vs (D) Burton

Public Service Commission: Northern District (R) Chris Brown is unopposed

Northern District Transportation: Incumbent (R) Caldwell was uncontested

Election day data as 0f 9:45 pm: 2023 primary election day summary 945 pm

and Raw-data-png by precinct of runoff races as of 9:45pm


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