Reach your customers with attractive advertising on is an independent, locally-owned news organization serving the New Albany,  Union County, and the Northeast Mississippi area since 2015. Its founders and key players have more than eight decades of experience as professional reporters and editors.

The website has enjoyed dramatic growth in readers each year. This comes at a time when newspaper circulation and readership continue to shrink dramatically, both locally and across America. reaches readers aged 9 to 90. Sixty-four percent (64%) of our readers are under age 54, and 36% are age 55 and older.

Eighty-five percent (85%) of our readers see our stories and photos on Smartphones and other mobile devices, while 15% read us on more traditional computer screens. Therefore, is designed so that advertising and news information can be conveniently read on Smartphones, while still being bright and attractive on full-sized computer screens.

Advertising on should be designed to deliver a selling message quickly with relatively few words and simple, attractive photos or other eye-catching graphics.  advertisements are available in five sizes and shapes.

HEADER BANNERS are 970 x 250 pixels and appear only on the Header portion of each page of the website.

LARGE BANNERS measure 728 x 180 pixels and have either mid or low placement on the story page, obituary page  and archived pages.

FEATURE BANNERS are 300 x 150 pixels and appear on the upper page Feature portion of all pages except the obituary page.

RUN-OF-SITE (ROS) ads are square – 300 x 300 pixels – and may run on any page of the website.

Larger banner ads carry a slight premium price because of their prominent placement.


Since our website is built to respond to different screen sizes, we recommend doubling the size of smaller ads you build and send to us. For example, for the 300 x 150 pixel-size ad, you would send us a 600 x 300-pixel graphic. This ensures that your ad looks great regardless of the device our website site visitor is using.

We can design ads for you, if desired.

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