A multifaceted investigation is underway in fatal house fire of March 19

Nemiss.News Fatal fire on Lincoln st.



A fire at about 4:30 p.m. on March 19 claimed the life of a local New Albany woman.

A female occupant of the home at Lincoln St. and Hobson St. in the Northside area of New Albany was the only fatality. She has been identified by Union County Coroner Pam Boman as Tina Sanders, age 57. The remainder of the family escaped without injury.

The fire totally consumed an older home that had been converted into a duplex. The cause of the fire has not as yet been identified.

The fire is under investigation by police and fire department investigators, as well as by the State Fire Marshall.  Whiteside says this is standard procedure when a death occurs.

Chief Whiteside reports that there was a Mayday call for trapped firefighters.

NEMiss.News Melted flashlight from Lincoln st fire

A flashlight that is melted and black was being carried by firefighter while he was crawling on the floor searching for the entrapped victim. Photo: NAFD

Two firefighters became trapped from a partial roof collapse. They both were rescued without injury. An additional two firefighters were caught inside in extreme fire conditions while as they searched for the victim. Both firefighters safely made their ways out of the fire, but not without damaged gear and equipment. One firefighter did sustain slight blistering.

“The equipment did its job and protected our firefighters; it can be replaced,”  said Chief Whiteside.


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