Opinion: “After me, you come first”

New Albany MS Ideology in the extreme

New Albany, MS – Government, whether local, state or federal, is responsible for using its citizens’ funds appropriately to perform its constitutional duties. Through manipulation of these public duties, pockets are lined and power is gained and consolidated at all levels of government.

The choice of which pockets are to be lined is based upon the manipulators’ ideology.  Any ideology, taken to extremes, becomes a problem. (Note: These personal ideologies are totally aside from criminal ideology, such as that now being investigated in Mississippi’s Department of Human Services).

Our country’s people and its government are so ideologically divided right now that little is being accomplished. Self-perpetuating, vicious circles have been created around most all issues -education, health care, abortion, gun control, etc. Each side believes it has the only clear vision for the future.

Screaming a curt “YES!” or “NO!” at the opposition is easier than figuring out how to bring a “Maybe” to life. Compromise has become a dirty word. Too many people believe that the choice must be “their way” or “no way.”

My father’s oft-used line, meant to be humorous, has now become real: “After me, you come first.”

Too many lines are now drawn. Too many heels are dug in. I am fearful of what could happen to break this stalemate. Historically, it is never good when this happens to a society.

Our nation’s founding fathers did not all share a common ideology, but they did know how to reach compromises and produce common benefits. Alas, refusal to compromise has now become the main pathway to political power.

What has happened to statesmanship, common decency and, yes, common sense? People who share the ideology and attitude of a Donald Trump, squared off against people with the ideology and attitude of someone like Beto O’Rourke will never solve our problems. It could be a fight to the death…of our country.

Too much ideology. Not enough compromise. Too much power.

And, in the end, it’s almost always about the power.



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