Alex Jones files to liquidate “InfoWars” to pay Sandy Hook judgment – National & International News – FRI 7Jun2024


Alex Jones files to liquidate “InfoWars” to pay Sandy Hook judgment.

Gilgo Beach Serial Killer suspect charged with 2 more murders, one from 1993.

Alex Jones files to liquidate “InfoWars” to pay Sandy Hook judgment

Right-wing commentator and conspiracy theory enthusiast Alex Jones has filed a request to convert a proposed reorganization of his company Free Speech Systems (through which he broadcasts his popular podcast “InfoWars”) to a liquidation. The proceeds from the company’s sale will go to service $1.5 billion in defamation judgements against Jones brought by the families of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, which killed 20 young children and 6 school staff members.

For years, Jones promoted a false claim that the victims of the massacre and their family members were “crisis actors” (rather than real victims) who were part of a conspiracy to confiscate weapons from American gun owners. The families suffered years of harassment and threats from Jones’ fans.

While Free Speech Systems is worth several million dollars, its liquidation will not come anywhere close to paying off the judgment. An attorney representing the families says they see this as a victory that will eliminate Jones’ control of the platform he used to defame them. Assuming the court signs off, the liquidation will also preserve the families’ claim on any wealth that Jones may acquire in the future.

Jones has already had to sell off some personal assets to pay the judgment, including a ranch worth nearly $3 million. Under this agreement, he will be allowed to keep his $2.6 million home in Austin, TX. Jones has said that even if InfoWars is dissolved, he will continue broadcasting in another medium.

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Gilgo Beach Serial Killer suspect charged with 2 more murders, one from 1993

In 2010, while searching for a missing sex worker, Suffolk County NY Police discovered the remains of 10 people buried along Ocean Parkway near Gilgo Beach (Long Island). Last year, after more than 13 years, police zeroed in on Rex Heuermann, an architect living in nearby Massapequa, as a suspect in three of the killings (Megan Waterman, Melissa Barthelemy, and Amber Costello who went missing between 2009 and 2010) last year. Shortly thereafter, Heuermann was charged in the killing of another woman (Maureen Brainard-Barnes, missing since 2007) found near the first three.

Now, Heuermann has been charged with two more killings, that of Jessica Taylor (killed in 2003) and Sandra Costilla (killed in 1993). Costilla was from Trinidad and Tobago and living in New York City at the time of her disappearance. Her remains were found by hunters in North Sea, Long Island (over 50 miles away from Gilgo Beach on the Ocean Parkway). Costilla and Taylor’s deaths were linked to Heuermann through hairs found on their bodies.

Most of Jessica Taylor’s body was found decapitated and with her hands removed in 2003 near Manorville, NY, also in Suffolk County (over 30 air miles away from Gilgo Beach). The rest of her remains were found near Ocean Parkway in 2011, within two miles of first four women discovered.

More victims possibly linked to Heuermann

Less than a mile and a half east of Taylor’s remains on Ocean Parkway were the similarly dismembered remains of Valerie Mack, who went missing in 2000. Like Taylor, part of Mack’s body had previously been found in Manorville in the year she went missing. Heuermann is also suspected in the killing of Valerie Mack but has not yet been charged. 

Within 250 feet of Mack’s remains on Ocean Parkway were found the remains of an unidentified female toddler. Through DNA, police discovered that toddler was the daughter of an unidentified African American woman (known as Jane Doe #3) whose torso was found in 1997 in Lakeview, NY, in neighboring Nassau County. Partial remains of Jane Doe #3 were subsequently found in 2011 near Ocean Parkway during the Gilgo Beach investigation.

Police found murder “blueprint” in Heuermann home search

Police found an incriminating document on a hard drive in the basement of the house Heuermann shares with his wife and two adult children. The document is described as a “blueprint” for murder, apparently reminders to Heuermann as to what to do before, during and after murders. The document includes references to removing the head and hands of victims to make it more difficult to identify their bodies.

The search also turned up violent pornography dating back to the mid-1990s, images from which may connect to the manner of Taylor and Mack’s deaths and their disposal, police say.

Police also found what they believe is a reference to “dump sites” where bodies could be disposed of. This has sparked a renewed police search across Long Island. The potential connection of Heuermann to murders dating back to the 1990s means that police now have to cast their net wider to potentially connect Heuermann to more victims, known and unknown. 

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