Baptist Union County Celebrates Annual Service Awards





Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County recently honored colleagues who had reached milestones in their careers at Baptist at the annual Employee Service Awards on October 25.

The total number of years of service achieved by this group of colleagues totaled 530 years.  Ann Bishop, CEO and Administrator, presented the awards, along with Lori Goode, Director of Human Resources.


NEMiss.News 35 years Service BMH






Thirty-Five Years of Service (l-r):Karen McMillen.  Not pictured:  Rheta Hamlet


NEMiss.News 30 years service BMH




Thirty Years of Service (l-r): Shelia Bramlett, Mildred Payton, Melissa Jackson, Shelia Roberts, Kim Williams.  Not pictured:  Christy Bullock and Jill Goodwin


NEMiss.News 25 years service BMH






Twenty-Five Years of Service (l-r): Donna Swann and Lori Goode



NEMiss.News 20 years service BMH






Twenty Years of Service (l-r): John David Haynes and Tammy Tomlinson



NEMiss.News 15 years service BMH




Fifteen Years of Service (l-r): Felecia Foote, Deya Kent, Rhonda Chittom, Kim Taylor, Justin Robbins


NEmiss.News 10 years service BMH






Ten Years of Service (l-r):Ellen Robbins, Conny Roberson, Angela Sellers


NEMiss.News 5years service BMH




Five Years of Service (l-r):Lacy Meyer, Cobie Logan, Nathan Hamilton, Tyquana King, Jessica Woolfolk, Katey Norvell.  Not pictured:  Caroline Flake, Rachel Hayes, Morgan Moore, Kaylee Parks, Monica Turner

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