Child on four-wheeler struck by motor vehicle near East Union School Sunday  

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About 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon, March 20, a child riding a four-wheeler was very seriously injured when struck by a motor vehicle.

The ten-year old girl was reportedly driving the four-wheeler when she attempted to leave her driveway and cross a highway. She was said to have been knocked from the ATV when she was hit by the car.

According to public safety officials, the child was flown by a helicopter medical crew to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis. Nothing is known about her condition at this time.

The accident was near the intersection of CR180 and Highway 348.

It was the second major accident in Union County in the last 100 days in which an off-road vehicle was struck by a vehicle licensed to run on public roads in Mississippi.

Two young people died the early morning of Saturday, Dec. 4, when their ATV was hit by motor vehicle on Highway 30 near County Road 46.

NEMiss.News will report further information on today’s accident if it becomes available.


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