Local emergency crews respond quickly to weather emergency

New Albany Tree falls during thunderstorm

Wind from an afternoon thunderstorm sent a tree crashing onto a house on Ridgeland Circle about 3:30 PM, Wednesday, Feb. 12.

Emergency crews from the New Albany fire, police and utility departments responded to the scene.

Although the family that occupies the house was at home at the time, there were no injuries.

The Union County emergency management agency was there and provided a large tarp that crews used to cover the house to prevent further damage.

Reporter’s observation: Having seen emergency crews in action many places and over several decades as a reporter, these guys continue to impress. Fire, car wreck, windstorm, human screw up, whatever — these guys jump on top of the situation with skill and gusto. They are well-trained, work well together, and don’t back down from a simple credo: GET IT DONE!

A good many of these workers are friends of mine and many deserve credit for the development of this amazing crew of people. This is as good a time as any to say that no one deserves more credit than Steve Coker, who recently announced his retirement as New Albany Fire Chief.

Coker announces retirement: http://newalbanyunionco.com/fire-chief-to-retire/


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  1. Rodney Shands says:

    I agree totally. We are so, so blessed with living in Union County and having the first responders and public officials we have.


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