Firemen fight stubborn, dangerous blaze at landfill

NEmiss.News Landfill fire battled for many hours.


9:33 p.m., Monday, January 16, 2023

Firemen have been battling a big fire at the New Albany Sanitary Landfill off CR 75 since about 2:40 pm Monday, January 16.

Fire departments from Center, Myrtle, Northeast, Southeast, North Haven and New Albany have been hauling water to the site and pouring it onto the fire for several hours.

There is no routine burning at the landfill site, so the origin of the fire has not been determined.

Construction waste and materials from clearing brush, etc. are the only types of material accepted at the landfill, so there is ample fuel.

NEmiss.News Landfill Fire

Large, dangerous fire at Landfill off CR 75

The firefighters have struggled all day to keep the fire under control. Wind gusts of 15 mph or more are making it a stubborn and dangerous blaze. Firemen will remain on site until it is extinguished.

Firemen are fatigued and hope for rain forecast later this evening to assist their efforts.


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