How violent felon Galloway was captured in New Albany/ UPDATED

UPDATE, 5:30 P.M., Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019

Although several law enforcement agencies provided officers and equipment, the New Albany Police Department  (NAPD), did the heavy lifting in the search for Charles D. Galloway.

Lawmen from nearby counties responded when NAPD Chief Chris Robertson called for additional help late Thursday night, but most had to leave around 5 a.m. to return to their regular law enforcement assignments. They had established a tight perimeter and succeeded in preventing Galloway from escaping during the night from the immediate area where the initial attack and kidnapping took place at 9 a.m. Thursday.

Deputy NAPD Chief Clay Keener and NAPD Investigator Mark Cossitt stayed with it. They were walking the wooded area north of Shady Grove Road when they were radioed a tip that somebody had seen Galloway. They worked their way toward where Galloway had been spotted. Other NAPD officers closed in on Galloway from the south side.  Galloway surrendered without resistance as Keener and Cossitt made the collar.

Galloway is now being held without bond in the Union County jail. His thuggish behavior over the last two decades have made him a frequent guest in county and state detention.



Although they had been up all night without sleep for 24 hours or more, some NAPD officers continued the search for

A 26-hour search involving nine law enforcement organizations resulted in the capture of an armed, violent felon in New Albany late Friday morning, October 18.

New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson said Charles D. Galloway, age 46, was captured in a brushy, wooded area near Honeysuckle Drive and Shady Grove Road about 11 a.m. Friday.

At about 9 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 17, Galloway struck a man, in the head with a claw hammer. The man had given Galloway a place to live. He then held a knife on the victim for some time before finally leaving the residence on Shady Grove Road where the attack occurred.

The victim was then able to seek and receive assistance and was taken to the emergency department at Baptist Memorial Hospital – Union County.

The New Albany Police Department (NAPD) began searching for Galloway immediately, but he had not been found by nightfall. Galloway had prior felony convictions including one or more for aggravated assault. The police chief said Galloway is known to have serious psychotic problems.

Robertson circulated Galloway’s photograph to and other area news organizations, so many people were on the lookout.

The NAPD received a tip from someone, who believed they had seen Galloway, about 11 p.m. Thursday night. He was believed to have been lurking under a carport, but apparently escaped back into nearby woods.

Robertson then turned out several of his NAPD officers and summoned help from other area law agencies.

The Desoto County Sheriff’s Department arrived with two surveillance drones, including one with heat seeking technology. However, the overhead foliage was too heavy to allow the drones to pick up the heat from Galloway’s body temperature.
Robertson said he decided to set up a perimeter to close in on Galloway. At one point, about 40 law enforcement officers were involved in tightening the ring. They searched through the night and through the earlier daylight hours before finding Galloway at 11 o’clock.

Robertson said that Galloway, although armed with knives and perhaps other weapons, offered no resistance when finally cornered. The police chief said Galloway was found “less than 150 yards” from where the initial attack took place.

Galloway had a previous record of successfully hiding from law enforcement for longer periods of time. Robertson said his first experience with the violent felon was when he was a young lawman working for the Union County Sheriff’s Office in 1997. Once, said Robertson, Galloway hid out in the woods and evaded capture for about a month.

Robertson said Galloway will be charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping, which can carry a life sentence in Mississippi.

Chief Robertson expressed his appreciation to other law enforcement officers who turned out in the middle of the night and searched for Galloway. The other departments sending officers and equipment to help with the search for the violent felon included the Union County Sheriff’s Office, Union County Emergency Management, Tupelo Police Department, Desoto County Sheriff’s Office, Desoto County Emergency Management, the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the Mississippi Northern District U. S. Marshall Service, and the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

Galloway sought for violent attack, kidnapping:


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  1. Ray Moore says:

    my hat goes off to our law enforcement, im proud of each and everyone of them, these men and women are the reason i can walk out my house at 3am and go where ever i wanna go without the fear of someone doing harm to me, i feel safe, thank you N/A law inforcement for my peace of mind, GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU


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