It’s easy to give animals & other creatures a little help during extreme heat – or any other time

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Hopefully, you are a responsible pet owner and have already taken precautions during the heat emergency for the pets you love and care for every day. Feed them appropriately, keep them well hydrated and as cool as possible.  But in these days of extremely stressful heat conditions, many other living things need a little extra help.

So, even if you are not normally catering to the whims of a pet, please consider the need to take a few extra steps for the not-so-fortunate “former pets,” feral animals and wild life living near you. Maybe, like me, you enjoy watching the many birds that inhabit our area year round, as well as those who pass through north Mississippi on their way to and from other places as the seasons change. Or, perhaps you occasionally catch a glimpse of a fox, squirrel, rabbit, ground hog or other wild life passing by. And they do pass by. I’ve seen them all – and a number of other creatures just as interesting.

The main thing all these animals need help with right now is water. They can find usually find food on their own, but, in times of extreme heat, they may not be able to find all the water they need when they need it.

I keep a shallow bowl of water filled with rocks and pebbles (to serve as landing/drinking perches) in my side yard for butterflies and bees. Its location has afternoon shade from a shrub nearby.  It has a lot of traffic at all times of the spring, summer and early fall. In this weather, I check it a time or two daily to replenish the water, if needed, because larger animals will occasionally help themselves, including frogs. Any shallow bowl will suffice, but a glazed one will hold water longer. Mine cost under $2.00 at Walmart.

In my back yard, beneath a large tree, I have a larger dish of water for birds, squirrels, etc., and it is well used. I’m planning to enlarge this in the future, because, unlike butterflies, they like to splash!

NEMiss.News Bird Bowl under tree

A little help for the birds

I keep a large stainless steel bowl of water for my big dog on my deck, in the shade of an umbrella. Birds occasionally even share this big drink.

Last, under my carport is a large plastic container of water for larger passing critters (usually of the night).

Anyone can do something similar. Old pots and pans, anything that will hold water and can be cleaned occasionally will work.  Extra sources of water can be life-saving.

If you have kids or grandkids, they will enjoy helping keep the water levels up, and spying on the visitors. And they will learn a bit of responsibility for giving mother nature an occasional assist.

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