Local child raising money for New Albany Police Department, UPDATED 8/18/2016

New Albany, MS, UPDATE 8/18/2016- New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson received a check in the amount of $1000 from a Prentiss County woman who wishes to remain anonymous, along with a letter expressing her appreciation for the hard work and sacrifices of police officers everywhere. The writer and benefactor was moved by the story of seven-year-old Miracle Hurd who has started an online fundraiser for the New Albany Police Department. The Prentiss County resident writes that she does not have an internet connection and therefore mailed the letter below and the check to Chief Robertson to be added to the fund. Interested readers can follow the progress of Miracle’s fund at “Miracle’s 500” on gofundme.com.

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Original post-

A seven-year-old child says she was inspired in a dream to raise money for the New Albany Police Department.

Earlier this month Miracle Hurd and her mother Jennifer walked into the office of New Albany Chief of Police, Chris Robertson, and made him an offer he’d not heard before.

Her mother said Miracle Hurd had been baptized at Victory Church a few days earlier, on July 31st. The young girl told the police chief she wanted to raise money for the police officers “so they would not get killed.” A number of police officers have been killed by gunmen around the United States in recent weeks.

“In 17 years in law enforcement a lot of people have thanked me and offered to help,” said Robertson. “But I’ve never had a child this age want to start a fund to help keep police officers from being killed.”

Jennifer Hurd said she had established an account called “Miracles 500” on the “Go Fund Me” website. Mrs. Hurd said the “Miracles 500” account had raised $500 in the first six hours after it was posted.

Miracle Hurd said she hoped to raise $10,000, with which New Albany police officers could acquire the means to protects themselves.


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