Local woman wandered off from home, found in woods

A woman who wandered away from home and was lost in the woods earlier this afternoon has been found.

She was reported missing by her family about 1:30 PM today. As of 2:20 PM she had been located and the Ranger One all terrain vehicle (ATV) was making its way through the woods to carry her back to safety.

Those who found her on this 85-degree June afternoon believed the woman was dehydrated. She is receiving emergency treatment at the scene and will be transported for medical care.

The NAFD Polaris Crew Ranger vehicle, seen earlier with NAFD Fire Lieutenant Eddie Latham and Fireman Jim Smith, made another emergency run to aid in the rescue of a woman who wandered from home on June 5th.

The woman was found in the area of the Pleasant Ridge church near Highway 370, east of New Albany.

The Ranger One ATV is part of the Rescue One truck operated by the New Albany Fire Department (NAPD). It has received considerable use since it was acquired a couple of years ago and is able to transport victims on a back board or stretcher.

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