Lopez family hosts several lawn parties every year for family, friends and neighborhood children

NEMiss.News Lopez birthday party




A Labor Day weekend birthday party drew 60-65 children and adults to the Northside New Albany home of David and Angeles Lopez.

NEMiss.News Neighborhood children at Lopez birthday party

Preparing to bring down the piñata for Martin’s first birthday.

The birthday honoree was one-year-old Martin Lopez, the youngest of their five sons.

A few dozen children enjoyed playing in a large air-filled “bouncy house” on the Lopez lawn, while the adults visited and watched over their children.

The highlight of the Friday evening party was the children taking turns swinging a stick at a bright yellow and green piñata in the shape a large numeral “1.” After a couple of hundred swings, the children accomplished their goal: the piñata  broke open, spilling forth colorful treats. The children scrambled to catch the treats and pick them up from the patio.

One guest, Edgar Del Rio, a childhood friend of David Lopez, traveled from his home in Seattle to attend the party. Del Rio left New Albany Sunday and traveled further east to South Carolina to visit family there.

The Lopez family gives several lawn parties every year for family, friends and neighborhood children. David Lopez pointed out that having five young sons is reason alone for at least five parties every year.



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