MDOT issues travel advisory for January 18

, MDOT travel advisory


JACKSON, MISS. – The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) advises motorists not to travel in north Mississippi, especially the Memphis metro as significant icing is occurring on interstates and highways from the Tennessee state line to Grenada County. The continued winter weather is also hampering MDOT’s efforts to treat roads and bridges in northern areas of the state.

Freezing rain is falling across much of north Mississippi, leaving a light glaze of ice over already impacted roadways. Numerous accidents are being reported, and travel has become dangerous in many areas. MDOT maintenance forces in north Mississippi have already used more than 43,000 gallons of brine to treat roadways—more than any amount used in recent memory.

Despite unprecedented pretreatment efforts and a 24/7 response by MDOT maintenance forces, solid ice and continued frozen precipitation have created extremely dangerous conditions on north Mississippi roads. At this time, travel is NOT advised from Grenada to the Tennessee state line.

In northwest Mississippi, crews continue salting and slagging. Plowing efforts have become ineffective due to the thickness of the ice on the roadway. Traffic is passable on all routes although there have been slow downs where accidents have occurred. Four-lane routes have pavement visible in most outside lanes but those lanes are becoming covered in ice. The weather system will begin impacting counties in northeast Mississippi later in the day. 

Roadways in southern and central counties in the western part of the state are in good shape and remain open, with the exception of Sunflower, Bolivar and Washington counties where icing is still occurring. Drivers are advised to remain on high alert for icy patches and black ice.

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