Moss Hill Drive residents’ fears about street surface unfounded


Mayor Tim Kent wants residents on Moss Hill Drive to know that a final layer of asphalt will laid on the street as soon as weather permits.

“They had hoped to start today but had to put it off because of the rain,” he said Monday.

“Now, they plan to come back Wednesday at the earliest,” he added.

Rain may still affect their plans, especially since the mayor said they expect laying the asphalt to take up to four days.

Crews patched sections of the street and milled it first, then pre-leveled it to prepare it for final paving, finally leaving a layer of rock on the street.

Those who live on Moss Hill Drive or use it frequently had expressed fears that the current rock layer was the way the street would be left permanently. That is not the case.

The street will be paved, but it just may take several more days to complete.

Several shorter streets are in line for maintenance work as well, including Highland and Carter Avenue, but cost is a factor and there is no timeline for when that work will be done. Mayor Kent said the city is still having difficulty finding contractors willing to take on New Albany streets because they consider it too small a job.

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