NEMCC hosts All-Star Softball games June 9

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For the second consecutive year, Northeast Mississippi Community College will host the annual North Mississippi Softball Coaches Association (NMSBCA) All-Star Games on Thursday, June 9 at The Plex.

A home run derby kicks off the action at 2 p.m. followed by a junior all-star game at 3:30 p.m., the 1A-3A senior all-star game at 5:30 p.m. and the 4A-6A senior all-star game at 7:30 p.m.
Included below are rosters for the NMSBCA All-Star Game as they were presented by the coaches association this afternoon. All three games will be broadcast on the Black Channel of NEMCCTV.


Junior All Stars- Kyle Long

  1. Sommer Tyes- Baldwyn HS
  2. Abby Keller- New Albany HS
  3. Kam Thomas- North Pontotoc HS
  4. Ella Jobe- Kossuth HS
  5. Madie Holcomb- South Pontotoc HS
  6. Peyton Flora- East Webster HS
  7. Lulu Franks- Mooreville HS
  8. Carly Dunagin- Senatobia HS
  9. Cari Scott- Shannon HS
  10. DaylonEisenzimmer- Shannon HS

 Junior All Stars- Halford

  1. Gracey Harbour- South Panola HS
  2. Addison Owen- Pontotoc HS
  3. Maddie Terrell- Vardaman HS
  4. Sydney Bean- Houston HS
  5. Lulu Mcnease- Houston HS
  6. Arlee McClellan (Hurt but still coming)- South Pontotoc HS
  7. Katelee Box- East Webster HS
  8. KenselyWoolbright- New Hope HS
  9. Madyson McBrayer- New Hope HS
  10. Sadie Morris- Tupelo HS
  11. Amyah Hill – Saltillo HS
  12. Lauren Brown – Caledonia HS
  13. Joryie McKnight- Pontotoc HS
  14. Carlee Dunlap- South Pontotoc

4-6A Seniors Hicks/Vondenstein

  1. Maggie Ross- South Pontotoc HS
  2. Brittany Johnson- South Panola HS
  3. Kara Johnson- Senatobia HS
  4. Emma O’Bryant- New Hope HS
  5. Carys Goodwin- Corinth HS
  6. Kaylee Owens- Itawamba HS
  7. Madalyn Dvorak- Caledona HS
  8. Ashlyn Jordan- Caledonia HS
  9. Jenna Smith – Houston HS
  10. Taylor Brownlee- New Hope HS
  11. Savley Alyzza Helton- Independence HS

4-6A Seniors- Wildmon

  1. Brooke Knoop- Caledonia HS
  2. Kemya McDonald- Ripley HS
  3. Natalie McKinney- Saltillo HS
  4. Caitlyn Carnathon- Salitillo HS
  5. Chloe MsClain- Itawamba HS
  6. Sydney Brazil- South Pontotoc HS
  7. Madyx McNatt- Tish County HS
  8. Taylor Styers- Lafayette HS
  9. Kat Smith – North Pontotoc
  10. Kaydence Sudduth- Caledonia HS
  11. Shelby Payne- Saltillo HS

1-3A Seniors- Thornton

  1. Liz Massey- East Webster HS
  2. Madison Stokes- Belmont HS
  3. Autumn Campbell- Belmont HS
  4. Hanna Grace Gillien- Mantachie HS
  5. Madison Garrett- Wheeler HS
  6. Chloe Summerford- Smithville HS
  7. Katie Meeks- Kossuth HS
  8. Ava Meeks- Kossuth HS
  9. Millie Speed- TCPS HS
  10. Macie Williams- Amory HS
  11. Cara Whatley- Baldwyn HS

  1-3A Seniors- Bogue

  1. Preslee Fischer- Water Valley HS
  2. Emma Rose Thompson- Hatley HS
  3. Bre Harmon- Hatley HS
  4. Faith Imel- Hamilton HS
  5. Jorja Roberson – East Union HS
  6. Makynlie Jones- Vardaman HS
  7. Orlandria Smith- Smithville HS
  8. Tamiya Martin- Nettleton HS
  9. Kinsley Gordon- Myrtle HS
  10. CaylieStreich- Mrytle HS
  11. Emma Callicutt- West Union HS
  12. ClaireDouell- West Union HS

Blake Long
Sports Information Director
Northeast Mississippi Community College
Haney Union Room 215

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