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, first launched in February 2015 as It was then focused exclusively on news of Union County and New Albany, MS.

As reader interest throughout northeast Mississippi and the scope of our reporting grew to cover that larger region, the website name changed in February 2020 to

This occurred just as COVID-19 made our proposed expansions impossible to implement as planned. We trust that the next few months will bring more agreeable circumstances.

Despite COVID, however, during the past year, 28% more stories were read by our growing body of readers than were read in the prior 12 months. This occurred at a time when readership of newspapers and other traditional sources continued to drop sharply in Mississippi and elsewhere. There are currently over 4400 stories now available on

Although few changes will be immediately apparent to our readers, has been revamped to make our stories “load” faster on smart phones, computers and pads.

We are also creating new options for website subscribers. Subscriptions are not required to access news on NEMiss.News, but subscribers do receive notifications of posts in their selected categories.

There is never any cost to subscribe to or to access news on our website.

Changes to NEMiss.News will allow subscribers to choose once or twice daily routine notifications, and  selection of categories for notification will be possible.

Beginning now, notifications for the  “Breaking News” category will be sent to all subscribers immediately, as the article is posted. Less time sensitive categories will come in routine emails, twice daily at 10 AM and at 6 PM. The emails will contain links to all your selected categories with new posts that have not already been sent in “real time.”  This will cut down on the number of emails we send to your inbox each day. You will receive consolidated information of new posts, ready to be read at your convenience.

What will happen with current subscribers?

Current subscribers will continue to receive notification of all new posts, but now on a twice daily schedule. (Subscribers may also choose once daily).

Your email notice will contain links to all new posts for the day that have not been sent out in “real time.”  Those who wish to limit their notifications may click the SUBSCRIBE button at the top of the home page and make changes. If you wish to change your options again, at a later date, simply click the SUSCRIBE button again. You will be shown the current selections for the email address connected to your subscription account.  Make any desired changes for future notification.

What if I am not already subscribed?

If you are not a current subscriber, you may wish to subscribe. You will then receive immediate notice of posts in the “Breaking News” category as soon as we post them. Additionally you will get the twice daily notifications of all new posts in your selected categories.  Simply go the the SUBSCRIBE button at the top of the home page and click as many or as few topics as you wish. Notifications will come to the email connected to your account.

Note: We want to make the subscriber program useful and convenient for subscribers.  Please let us know if you have questions, opinions or suggestions. After the new service has been in effect for a few weeks, we will be contacting subscribers for their input as to questions, problems, suggestions for improvement, etc.

What type news is in the various categories?

We will be rolling out the individual category mailings in the coming days. You are more than welcome to visit the subscribe page to update your settings so you will be included on the appropriate lists to have your custom mailings sent to you daily. Below is a description of the types of news you can receive, conveniently, each day straight to your email inbox.

Breaking News: Archived, searchable, urgent news of immediate interest or importance to the community, sometimes referred to as “hard” news. This category may include crime, emergency situations, fires, missing persons, government activity, items that impact public safety, etc.  Alerts to news in the “breaking news” category will come automatically to all subscribers  in “real time.”

Community: Learn more about the people, events, and organizations that shape your community. Includes presentations at both city and county schools, upcoming events, organizations, and the people that are involved.

  • Community Notices: Brief notices from community organizations, schools, etc. of importance to students, parents, organization members, etc. Not Archived, should have expire dating.
  • Occupations: Archived, searchable stories about people and their jobs, services  rendered to the community, anecdotes, hero stories, etc
  • Organizations: Archived, searchable posts about the activities, fundraisers, meeting minutes, etc. of local civic, religious, community support, social  organizations, organizations, etc. Not for simple reminders or meeting announcements, which go into Community Notices, and are expiration dated.
  • People: Archived, searchable stories of people, particularly in the North MS area, who have done something of interest or of benefit to the community and its citizens. Also includes people on the national or international scene who have noteworthy achievements and/or connections to MS, etc
  • Schools: News of city schools, county schools, local colleges, etc. Includes announcements, schedules, special events, etc.
  • Sports: Archived, searchable stories about sports of all types, both individual or team, professional or amateur, college signings, etc.

Culture and Entertainment: Archived, searchable news of events in the North Mississippi area, present or past, that shape the lifestyle, well-being, and heritage of the community as a whole.

  • Events: events open to the public and sponsored by persons or organizations in the local community that: 1. happen on a regularly basis (Museum Moments, Luncheon with Books, etc.); 2. Occur periodically each year (Christmas parade, Memorial Day/Veteran Day services, religious presentations), or ticketed events (charity fundraisers, civic center entertainment, etc.).
  • Health & Wellness: Archived, searchable stories about issues that affect the healthcare of the community. May include local providers, government actions or inactions, national initiatives, etc.  that affect our healthcare
  • History: Archived, searchable posts concerning personal, family, community, state, etc. history, which relate events, tales, photos, etc. that bring some aspect of our community’s past, culture, heritage or future into focus.
  • Leisure & Entertainment: Archived, searchable stories about what we in Northeast MS like to do with our spare time. Gardening, visiting, volunteering, pets, vacations, arts & crafts, concerts, hobbies, collecting, decorating, etc. are a few of the many possibilities. Includes the many interests and areas of focus that help to define the lifestyle of our community.
  • Tourism: Archived, searchable stories about area festivals and local events that draw folks from beyond the local community: Tallahatchie Riverfest,  Gum Tree Festival,  Peach Festival, Tanglefoot Trail, Bodock festival, meetings& conventions, Biscuits & Jam Farmers’ Market, OLEPUT, etc.
  • Travel: Archived, searchable stories about where we may want to go and where have we been: Day trips, vacations, etc., planes, trains and automobiles. Also includes area destinations of cultural interest to the community.

Featured News: Archived, searchable stories deemed to be non-emergency, but broadly important or interesting, stories to the community as a whole. This designation may be attached to any individual story in any category. It may include news, local & state government, events, personalities, etc. Click this category to get stories we deem to be of bread interest to all of our readers.

General News: Archived, searchable posts of Northeast Mississippi area news stories covering a variety of topics of  importance and/or interest to the local community.

Government & Politics: Archived, searchable news centered upon local city and county government actions, political events, elections, political organizations, elected officials, etc. that affect the local community. May also include national news or initiatives that affect our local communities

Economy: Archived, searchable news related to the community’s featured businesses, new businesses, closing businesses, economy and future development, including employment, taxes, property values, etc. May also include national stories that affect the economy of our local communities.

Opinion: Archived, searchable submissions of opinion on topics related to the North MS area, as well as political commentary and state, national, and worldwide current events, etc. Includes Editorial Opinion, Guest Authors, Letters to the Editor, even occasional fiction pieces.

  • Editorial opinion: Opinion pieces on a variety of topics, written by owners or staff of

National & International News: Archived beginning in 2021, this is a fast, convenient summary of the current day’s state, national and worldwide news items we believe our readers will find of interest. This service is posted Monday – Friday.

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