New Albany 2018 Christmas Parade successfully kicks off the season


New Albany’s 2018 Christmas Parade Monday evening, November 26, was a big success. It is estimated that it was viewed by well over 1,000 people, who braved the 30 degree night air.

The parade was organized by the New Albany Community Development office.

“An incredible night,” said Community Development Director Billy Jean Stroud. “It was cold, but a perfect cold to kick off the Christmas season. It put all of us in the spirit that makes our community great.”

This reporter believes it was the best of the 12-15 Christmas parades he has seen in New Albany during the last 20 years, and among the best he’s ever seen in any town of less than 100,000 population.

NAnewsweb.com is posting 11 photos with this story. Approximately 20 more parade photos will be posted here tomorrow morning, Tuesday, Nov. 27.

New Albany MS 2018 Christmas Parade

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