New Albany aldermen approve zoning change over objection of neighboring property owners

NEMiss.News Johnny Payton at City Board March 7, 2023


As often happens, dissension over a zoning change was on the March 7 agenda of the New Albany Board of Aldermen.

Stout and Stout, a commercial real estate developer, had asked the city Planning and Zoning Board to approve a zoning change for a parcel of land near the 1500 block of South Central Avenue. The change would allow the developer to construct eight houses on the land rather than six. The single-family homes would each be about 1,400 square feet.

The city Planning and Zoning board had approved Stout’s request. In a public hearing at the March 7th board meeting the aldermen heard from property owners who object to the change. The primary objection seemed to be the fear that the proposed new houses would be rentals rather than occupied by owners. After a brief discussion, the aldermen affirmed the decision of the zoning board, approving the change.

In another planning and zoning matter, the board granted a variance for a fuel dispenser setback for Wild Bill’s at 400 Highway 15 North.

The aldermen approved requests from several city departments to sell at auction surplus property, mainly old motor vehicles.

The board approved several requests from New Albany Lights, Gas and Water Manager Bill Mattox including:

  • Payment of $182,837 to Atwell and Gent Engineering Services for design services for the electrical department.
  • Approval of the low bid of $70,465 for the purchase of a Bobcat Compact Excavator.

The next meeting of the New Albany Board of Aldermen will be at 5:30 p.m. on April 4.

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