New Albany City Board meeting for November 2023

NEMiss.News NA City Board, Nov. 7, 2023



The regular monthly meeting of the City of New Albany Board of Aldermen was held  on Tuesday November 7, 2023 in the City Hall Boardroom. The month’s business was conducted in a unusually quick meeting of under 20 minutes, as it was Election Day evening.


I.  Property Hearing

* 607 Martin St. – The Board voted to move forward with condemnation process for this property.

II.  Departmental Business

A. New Albany Light Gas and Water

    1. Approve Pay request Atwell & Gent Engineering  Services design services NA Electrical Communication project $145,856.70
    2. Approve Pay request TESTCO for Products and Services for Automated Metering Infrastructure Project amount $511,390.77
    3.  Approve Pay request Genera for Products and Services for four fiber hut generators, Electric System Communication Project $133, 680.00
    4.  Approve Pay request Cell Site Solutions for Northeast New Albany Communication System Hut  $44,000.00 remaining on balance.
    5.  Approve Pay request Siemens Energy, for 16 voltage regulators (of 18 ordered)  Northeast New Albany Substation amount $437,200.00.  Checking on status of remaining two regulators ordered.
    6. Award Electric Line Construction and Maintenance assistance contract to MD Construction, mainly “make-ready work” for hanging fiber.
    7. Authority to purchase (2) ½ ton trucks and (1) 1-ton truck for Electric Department SCP
    8. New Hire Approval- for two new employees for the Electric Department.
    9. Approval for procurement Policy Compliance Statement ARPA Projects
    10. 10. Award Sidewalk Improvements Project 101 to 103  West Bankhead to MEN Excavators, $45,000.00 not to exceed $45,000.00
    11.  Approval for Submission of Delta Regional Authority (DRA) Grant Application

B. Community Development

Monthly Report

C. Union County Museum

Monthly Report

D. Police Department

E. Park & Recreation Department

    1. Monthly Report
    2. Authority to purchase ABI Field Groomer

F. Fire Department

1. Promotion request Khallid Norfleet

2.Pre-Owned Vehicle purchasing discussion. NAFD wants to purchase used low mileage vehicles to replace two current vehicles.

G. Streets Department

H. Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator

Monthly Report

III. Update Agenda

IV. Consent Agenda

A•Approval/Correction October 2023 Claims Docket

B.Approve September 29, 2023 Minutes

C. Approve October 3, 2023 Minutes

D.Approve October 27, 2023 Minutes

V. Action Agenda

A. Storm Shelter

B. Securix Traffic System: approved entering into contract for one year.


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