New Albany customers hearing nothing now from Verizon

UPDATE: At about 3:45 AM Saturday morning June 27th our phones appeared to be working correctly and we got a notice at 4:30 AM from our PR contact that she had just been notified that the issue was resolved. We have not used the phones enough to be sure of their function; that will come as the day progresses. Still no info on what caused the outage. Upon signing into MY VERIZON this morning, the only outage information we could find was from July 2013.


If you are one of the many Verizon customers in the New Albany area, you have probably been experiencing severe problems with your telephone service. In fact, you may have no service. Many cellular customers are experiencing 3G and 4G data outages across the U.S. right now. This is the fourth major outage in three months for the company that hails itself “America’s most reliable network.”

Most customers could apparently still text and access the internet, but that is not universally true. However, enough of them have internet service to light up all the forums where these things are  closely followed with thousands of complaints about the service failure and the information blackout.

Do not bother to go to the Verizon website and sign into your “My Verizon ” account for information on what the problem is, or how long you can expect to be without service. That will waste more of your time and add to your mounting frustration.  Though there are massive outages in several states, you will find no information forthcoming from Verizon on the internet. Too bad New Albany Light, Gas and Water isn’t providing this service–we could check their Facebook page for updates.

Most users are reporting trouble maintaining a steady connection or getting no connections at all or even having the phone make calls which you have not asked it to make. People we spoke with told us Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi were having problems, but national media Friday evening reported severe Verizon cell phone outages from San Francisco to Brooklyn to Des Moines to Oklahoma City to Memphis to Philadelphia, etc.

Our own experience with this involved a trip Friday evening to the Verizon store in Tupelo, after dropping at least 37 calls in a row on one of our Iphones. We arrived barely an hour before closing to find the store packed with complainers and quickly realized that this was not, as we had assumed, a problem with our specific phone. Passing quickly through three clerks who were uninformed and overwhelmed by the problem, we asked to see the manager.

The frustrated manager got a Verizon corporate public relations person on the phone to speak with us. The public relations person gave basic info about the size of the outage and the fact that the causes are currently unknown, and promised to keep us updated. She did, in fact, try to call us a couple of hours  later. Unfortunately, her calls failed to hold their connection, and she let us know by text that she still knew nothing. As of 11:45 p.m. Friday night there was still no reliable telephone service for Verizon customers. The headline on this story could well be “Verizon has no idea what the problem is or how to fix it.”

NAnewsweb will update this story when further information is available.

If you have had problems with unresponsive cell service vendors, please go to our T.C.B. PAGE and tell us about it


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