New Albany Fire Department visits Hillcrest Preschool to teach fire safety

NEMiss.News NAFD at Hillcrest Preschool




Thursday was the day for New Albany Fire Department to visit Hillcrest Preschool.


New Albany Fire Crew members from C shift visited the preschoolers and spoke to each one of them while talking about fire safety and knowing a firefighter is not frightening.


NEMiss.News NAFD 's Johathan Perry & daughters

Firefighter Jonathan Perry and his twin daughters who are students at the preschool.

“Again, reaching 120 preschool children is such a priority to us here at the fire service in New Albany. If we reach one child that can reach someone else in their own home, then we are successful.  This plays right into the direction fire safety and prevention is headed with the future of Community Risk Reduction,”  says New Albany’s Fire Chief, Mark Whiteside.

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