New Albany Street Department honored at luncheon

NEMiss.News New Albany Street Department Director Johnny Payton


The New Albany Street Department and its Director were honored at a catered luncheon, Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Street Department Director Johnny Payton and about 20 other Street Department workers were joined by Mayor Tim Kent and other city officials for lunch served in the Magnolia Room of the Magnolia Civic Center.

NEMiss.News Street Department Luncheon

About 20 Street Department workers enjoyed lunch together at the Magnolia Room

The Street Department is responsible for maintenance of city streets, and regular house-to-house collection of solid waste.

On the hottest, most humid of summer days and the coldest, rainy winter mornings, Street Department crews are on the job, keeping the streets repaired and the city clean.

The Street Department crew will lead the 2022 New Albany Christmas Parade.

The luncheon was sponsored by the city’s Community Development office.


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