New Owners Take Over 2A Armaments in Downtown New Albany

In an exciting turn of events, Corey and Donna Graham have become the new owners of 2A Armaments, a well-known firearms store located in downtown New Albany. The couple, who have deep roots in the community, are eager to continue the product service established by the previous owners, Adam and April Hardy.
Corey and Donna, who have been happily married for 22 years and have four children and three grandchildren, have been an integral part of the New Albany community for many years. They have lived in nearby Cotton Plant for two decades before moving to Myrtle three years ago. Throughout their time in the area, they have actively participated in local church activities and have developed a strong bond with the community. Their love for the outdoors and all it has to offer has played a significant role in their lives. Fishing, hunting, tent camping, hiking, boating, trapping, and hunting have provided them with countless cherished memories.
NEMiss.News 2A Armaments storefront

2A Armaments in downtown New Albany has new owners. Photo: Kendall Stancil

Corey, in particular, has a passion for survival skills and primitive tools. He enjoys building his knowledge in areas such as making fire and constructing shelters, as well as using and crafting primitive weapons. Donna has dedicated 25 years to working in education and plans to continue while also assisting in the store during available time slots like after school and during holidays and summer break. Additionally, Donna’s 15-year involvement in the NA pilot program has allowed her to provide valuable services to families in the community who have adults and children with special needs, further strengthening her ties to the community.

The opportunity to take over 2A Armaments presented itself, and Corey and Donna saw it as a chance to pursue their shared interests and contribute to the community they hold dear. Corey’s upbringing around firearms, with his father being a gunsmith, has given him a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in the field. While his father primarily focused on repairs and restorations, Corey is excited to expand the store’s offerings and provide customers with a broader range of services. Expressing their gratitude towards Adam and April Hardy, the previous owners, Corey and Donna are humbled by the opportunity to continue the business that started in the Hardy’s living room. The Hardys have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition, sharing their expertise and ensuring that the loyal customers of 2A Armaments will continue to receive exceptional service.

2A Armaments, established in 2016, quickly outgrew its initial space and relocated to its current retail location in February 2017. Over the years, the store has become a hub for firearm enthusiasts, forging lasting connections and fostering knowledge within the community. April Hardy, one of the previous owners, expressed her excitement for Corey and Donna’s new journey, stating, “It’s been an amazing journey for us, but it’s just the beginning for Corey and Donna Graham! With Corey’s firearm knowledge and expertise, they will be able to offer even more to our valued customers.” As the Hardys bid farewell to their beloved business, they extend their heartfelt appreciation to the community for the support they have received over the years. They kindly request patience and support for the Grahams as they settle into their new role as owners of 2A Armaments.
NEMiss.News New owners of 2A Armaments

Corey and Donna Graham are the new owners of 2A Armaments. Photo: Kendall Stancil

are grateful to God and the Hardy family for making their dream a reality. They invite everyone to visit them at 2A Armaments, located at 107 West Bankhead Street in downtown New Albany. The store’s operating hours are Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Corey and Donna are eager to meet and talk with customers, bringing new traditions and continued friendly service to 2A Armaments and the downtown area.

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact 2A Armaments at (662) 539-7662. Stop by and say hello to the new owners, Corey and Donna Graham, as they embark on this exciting new chapter in their lives.
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