No results yet on blood toxicology test on dead female truck driver, now identified

NEMiss.News Pilot Truck Stop sign


One week ago, a female truck driver, now identified as Cynthia Luckner-Cullen, age 55,  was found dead in her truck in New Albany’s Pilot Truck Stop.  Results are not yet available on a blood toxicology test.

The driver, believed to be from Florida, was found Sunday afternoon, July 17, dead in cab of her truck at the Pilot Truck Stop on Highway 15 in New Albany.

Union County Coroner Pam Boman told NEMiss.news Sunday afternoon, July 24, that it “may be some time yet” before results of the toxicology screen are available.

Original story: https://newalbanyunionco.com/female-truck-driver-found-dead-at-pilot-in-new-albany/

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