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Sports unifies a community like nothing else.

There is no doubt about that. Nothing is more exciting than local teams and athletes playing their hearts out. We the players, the parents, and the families of the teams and the athletes know what this means to the community.

And as the Union County Heritage Museum gets closer to fabrication and installation of The Sporting Life of Union County, staff and volunteers are busy gathering stories, photos and objects. A plea is being made to the general public to help this project by nominating athletes from your schools and communities.

This ambitious project has been in the works for more than a year. Design 500, an exhibit design firm located in Memphis, is working with the museum to make this happen. The front hall gallery of the museum will be filled with objects, photos and stories of great athletes and great moments from the sports life of Union County.

“We have had some fabulous people as athletes and as coaches. National League players in football, baseball and basketball, as well as wonderful collegiate and high school players who make our community proud,” said Jill Smith, director. “We have found almost 100 state championship teams from Union County.

Glen Howe, Armintie Price Herrington, John Stroud, Johnny Stroud, Eli Whiteside, Marcus Green, John Wayne West, and so many others who have worked and sweated to create sports history in Union County. More great local athletes are the top players in tennis, softball, golf, track and soccer.

If you know of an athlete who has played on college teams, has been a high school All American, has played on a state championship team, please nominate them for this exhibit.

There will be a searchable database included with photos, video and more.

Hunters and fishermen and dog trainers, boxers, and more are part of this Union County tribute to the sporting life. Gordon Simmons and Clyde Morton are two of the great dog trainers from this county.

Are there others?

“Please help us by submitting a nomination form. If you have photos that you do not want to donate, we can scan those and give your originals back,” Smith said.

“We are daily searching for athletes who should be included, and we know that we have not found everyone. We hope that you, the people of the community will reach out and submit athletes. Forms can be picked up at the museum as well as emailed. Call 662-538-0014.

Jill Smith, Director
Union County Heritage Museum
114 Cleveland Street
New Albany, MS 38652

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