Northeast MS hail and wind storm Monday afternoon May 2nd

NEMiss.News Hail stone May 2, 2022


A fierce late spring storm roared through several northeast Mississippi counties between 3 and 4 p.m. Monday May 2.

A 3:26 pm severe thunderstorm warning from the National Weather Service reported a severe thunderstorm located over New Albany, moving north at 30mph with a maximum of 1″ hail and gusts less than 50mph. This warning proved to be somewhat understated. Wind speeds of 50 mph and hail stones two inches or more in diameter were widespread.

NEMiss.News Hail accumulation in New Albany

Hail accumulated in drifts in New Albany.

The ground in many places was covered with hail stones. Millions of leaves were knocked from trees.

Widespread reports of damage to the roofs of buildings and tops of motor vehicles are to be expected.

However, so far NEMiss.News has no reports of significant structural damage thus far.

NEMiss.News leaves stripped from trees

New spring leaves stripped from many trees.

New Albany Lights, Gas, and Water (NALGW) Manager Bill Mattox said NALGW electric power was lost to a few customers in the Blue Springs area, but was being restored.

Sheriff Jim Johnson of Lee County said he had no reports of significant damage there.

Union County Emergency Management Director Curt Clayton reported no significant damage in his county.

Homeowners will no doubt be calling their insurance companies to assess insured damage to roofs and motor vehicles. Those, in aggregate, could result in insurance claims of several hundred thousand dollars or more.