Pedestrian struck at I22 underpass for Tanglefoot Trail

New Albany hit-and-run



NAPD has informed NEMiss.News that a female pedestrian was struck and seriously injured under I-22 at the Tanglefoot Trail crossover. A 911 call at about 9:45 am this morning (August 22, 2023) alerted authorities to the accident.

The pedestrian had been jogging on the Tanglefoot Trail, and was struck in the vehicle pathway which is crossed by the trail. A helicopter was on the scene to pick up the victim as this report was written.  She will be taken to the MED in Memphis.

The victim was reported to be conscious and talking at the scene.

The NAFD also answered the 911 call, and assisted ambulance EMS personnel in loading the patient into an ambulance.

The incident is currently under investigation by the NAPD. The vehicle driver was present at the scene.

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