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Police capture escaped convicted murderer after 13-day manhunt.

NY floats state-level work authorizations for migrants after federal inaction.

Putin meets N. Korea’s Kim to discuss military cooperation.



Police capture escaped convicted murderer after 13-day manhunt

On August 31, convicted murderer and Brazilian national Danelo Cavalcante escaped the Chester County prison in Pennsylvania. Cavalcante had recently been convicted of murdering his girlfriend who he stabbed multiple times in front of her two young children. Cavalcante is also a suspect in a murder in Brazil. 

Cavalcante “crab walking” up two prison walls.

A few days after his escape was announced, authorities finally revealed how Cavalcante had escaped the facility in the first place. While in an open area near the exercise yard, Cavalcante had “crabwalked” up between two closely spaced walls and managed to make his way to the roof. He then climbed down a ladder into a less secure area of the prison and walked out. A guard who was on duty and was supposed to be watching the monitor in the exercise yard was fired.

For nearly two weeks, Cavalcante hid in the woods in a residential area. During that time, he stole clothing, a rifle and even a van from residents. There were multiple credible sightings of Cavalcante and he was captured on security cameras and trail cams several times. Despite this, Cavalcante managed to escape secured perimeters several times.

At around 8:14 local time this morning, police followed up a tip on his location. Dozens of officers both from state and federal agencies surrounded his position. One of the officers released a dog which subdued Cavalcante as he attempted to crawl underneath some brush with his rifle. Police then were able to capture him, and afterwards posed for a photo, seen above.

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NY floats state-level work permits for migrants after federal inaction

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has proposed issuing work authorizations for tens of thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers in her state. For more than a year, New York has been receiving busloads of migrants from southern border states. New York City has been responsible for sheltering tens of thousands of them and is running out of suitable places to put them. Mayor Eric Adams has appealed to the Biden administration numerous times for help, but none has been forthcoming.

Work permits for migrants have been a big point of contention between state and federal authorities. The migrants themselves are willing to work, and there’s no shortage of businesses that could use the help. The problem is that under federal laws, asylum seekers can only apply for a work permit 150 days after applying for asylum. Federal authorities then have 30 days to approve or deny it, but sometimes it takes longer. Decades of federal inaction on this problem has left cities and states on the hook to support migrants who could be supporting themselves.

Furthermore, New York authorities say that only about one-fifth of the migrants have applied for asylum. Under federal law, migrants who enter the US illegally, without applying for asylum, are not eligible to apply for work permits.

Could this happen in other states?

Gov. Hochul’s proposal would be a state-level end run around this problem. However, it’s sure to create more conflict with federal authorities. The Biden administration says that a “critical mass” of asylum seekers are eligible to apply for federal work permits, but haven’t yet done so. Hochul retorted, “I don’t know what a ‘critical mass’ is. I don’t think it’s a high number”.

The Biden administration has previously rejected Mayor Adams’ request to grant humanitarian parole to the migrants under the city’s care. Humanitarian parole would make the migrants immediately eligible for work permits. Federal officials have cautioned against granting work permits so freely, arguing it would encourage more migrants to come to the US. But if Hochul’s proposal succeeds, other states are likely to follow suit.

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Putin meets N. Korea’s Kim to discuss military cooperation

Russian President Vladimir Putin met today with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to discuss deepening economic and military ties between the two countries. Western observers say that Putin likely wants Kim to supply Russia with North Korean-made arms and artillery for use in Ukraine. It’s not completely clear what Kim will want in return and what Putin will be willing to give.

Some have worried that Putin may give North Korea more technical and material support for Kim’s nuclear program. However, there doesn’t seem to be much appetite on the Russian side to aid Kim’s nuclear ambitions.

The choice of meeting place today may provide a clue. Kim and Putin met at a Russian space center in East Russia. During the meeting, Kim was given a tour of the facility and the launch pads. North Korea recently tried and failed to launch a surveillance satellite.

Russia could also offer more food aid or possibly other means for North Korea to get some relief from crushing international sanctions.

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