Presley Announces No-Call Changes Effective July 1

New Albany MS Brandon Presley

New Albany, Mississippi (June 26, 2019) –Commissioner Brandon Presley announced changes to the Mississippi No-Call law that take effect July 1.

• Businesses can register their phone lines on the state’s No Call list.
• Charities using paid telemarketers must register with the Public Service Commission.
• Caller ID “spoofing” will be a violation of the Mississippi No-Call Law.
• The Public Service Commission is authorized to investigate any and all calls where the caller attempts to obtain money or property.
• Fines that may be issued for violations of the No Call law raise from $5,000 to $10,000 per violation.

“These are positive changes that will help protect our citizens from scammers trying to prey on Mississippians,” said Commissioner Presley. “I am putting every tool at my disposal to work to take advantage of the new authority given to us by the Legislature to combat predatory telemarketers and scam artists. I encourage all Mississippians to report these calls to our office so we can fully investigate.”

Businesses interested in signing up for the no-call list can visit https://www.psc.ms.gov/nocall/home

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