Presley concedes Governor’s race to Tate Reeves; election day summary for Union County




At about 11:30 p.m., as this summary was being written, Brandon Presley conceded the Governor’s race to Tate Reeves. The race at that point stood at 362,601 votes (46.6%) for Presley to 404,924 (52%) for Reeves with approximately 120,000 votes still out.

With 20 out of 20 precincts reporting in Union County:

  • 7130 of 16,759 (42.5%) of registered voters cast a vote today.
  • Tate Reeves handily carried Union County with 5213 votes (73.11%)  to Presley’s 1818 (25.5%).
  • Delbert Hosemann carried Union County for Lieutenant Governor by over 82%.
  • Michel Watson got over 84% for Secretary of State.
  • Lynn Fitch took over 82% for Attorney General.
  • Shad White took over 82% for State Auditor.
  • David McRae took over 82% of the votes for state Treasurer
  • Andy Gipson took over 82% of the Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce
  • Mike Chaney got almost 85% of the vote for Commissioner of Insurance
  • Neil Whaley won his District 10 Senate seat with 88% of the vote.
  • Donna Treadaway took the Circuit Court Clerk race with over 80%
  • Chris Brown (Northern District of PSC), John Caldwell (Northern District Transportation Commissioner), Ben Creekmore (District Attorney), Cathy Chism (State Senator) and State Representatives  Steve Massengill and Sam Creekmore IV all ran unopposed for their state level offices.
  • Union Co. Attorney Joe Marshall Davis, Union Co. Chancery Clerk Annette Hickey, Union Co. Coroner Pam Boman, Sheriff Jimmy Edwards, Assessor Tameri Duncan, County Supervisors Sam Taylor, Chad Coffey, C.J. Bright, Randy Owen and Steve Watson, Election Commissioners Bill Azlin and Mike Beam, Justice Court Judges David Garrison and Chris Childers, and Constables P.J. Doyle and Ronnie Goudy all ran without opponents in the general election.
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