Pysanky Egg Workshops are being offered in time for Easter celebrations

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Easter and symbolic egg traditions go deep into the history of our community and even deeper into our collective history.  Before Easter frocks and bonnets – there was the egg.

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Union Co. Museum offering Pysanka egg class.

As Easter Sunday approaches, The Tallahatchie Arts Council and the Union County Heritage Museum will host a Pysanky Egg Workshop on March 4, from 1pm to 3pm and March 7, from 5pm to 9pm.

Denise Brown of New Albany, an artist in multiple mediums, will teach the classes.  She is also a member of the Mississippi Craftsman Guild.  One of Ukraine’s most famous Easter traditions is the psyanka, an intricately decorated Easter egg. The name derives from the Ukrainian verb “pysaty,” meaning “to write.”

NEmiss.News Pysanky Egg Workshop

Pysanky Egg Workshop 2022

This is a type of folk art from the Ukrainian culture.  This famous Easter tradition is the psyanka, an intricately decorated Easter egg. Using a wax resist method, the eggs are created before Easter. Pysanka eggs are given to friends and are sometimes decorated to match the personality of the receiver. To give a pysanka is to give a symbolic gift of life. In the Ukrainian culture everyone from the youngest to the oldest would receive an egg. A bowl full of the eggs was kept in every home. Some were put in the hen’s nests and near bee hives in hopes of a good harvest.

Cost of the March 4 workshop is $60, and it will cover all materials for a joint activity of one adult and one child.  The March 7, workshop is $30 and will consist of adults only.  You can begin registering for this event immediately by calling Stephen Bennet at 1-601-415-7283. Class size is limited.

Saturday, April 1, there will be an  Easter Parade and Egg Hunt in New Albany, as Part of new Albany Main Street Easter Events. The Hip Hop Hurray Parade will begin at 9:30 and the egg hunt will follow on the lawn of the Union County Courthouse.

NEMiss.News Pysanky Egg Workshop

Pysanky Egg Workshop 2022

The tradition of Easter egg hunting or gifting of eggs originated approximately around the 16th century and has been carried on for many centuries.  The great State of Mississippi hosts an Egg Hunt started in 2012 by our Governor Tate Reeves wife, Elee Reeves at the Capitol in Jackson, MS.

Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are eggs that are decorated for the Christian feast of Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. The Christian holiday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified by the Romans on Good Friday more than 2,000 years ago.

Jill Smith, Director

Union County Heritage Museum
114 Cleveland Street
New Albany, MS 38652
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