Quick action by NAFD minimized fire damage to home Sunday afternoon

NEMiss.News House fire on West Longview

A speedy response by the New Albany Fire Department (NAFD) prevented extensive damage to a home at 416 West Longview Sunday afternoon, May 29.

A resident of the home received a burn injury to a hand, but declined medical treatment except for what was administered by trained NAFD personnel.

The resident called 911. The 911 call center dispatched the NAFD at 4:12 p.m. Fire fighting equipment and crews arrived at the address slightly less than five minutes later.

NAFD Chief Mark Whiteside said the fire originated with an accidental cooking fire. He said the fire damage was limited to the area where the cooking was being done. There was, however, an undetermined amount of smoke damage to other parts of the meticulously maintained home.

NEMiss.News NAPD at West Longview fire.

NAPD crew stowing gear after extinguishing fire.

After extinguishing the blaze in the cooking area, the fireman checked the attic and other parts of the house to assure there was no other live fire. Firemen used exhaust fans to remove smoke from the structure as quickly as possible to minimize the extent of smoke damage.