Santa stops by Rainbow Learning Center, gets surprise at George’s

NEMiss.News Mrs Claus reads a story



Santa and Mrs. Clause stopped by the Rainbow Learning Center on S. Central Ave. in New Albany today, much to the delight of 70 or so kids.

NEMiss.News Ms Minerva with Mr & Mrs Claus

MS. Minerva Graham with Mr &Mrs Claus at Rainbow Learning Center

Ms. Minerva Graham, owner/operator of the center, had the children dressed for Christmas and ready to visit with Santa. She and her employees did an excellent job of keeping Santa steadily busy and encouraging the few young ones who were a little unsure about the big man in red.

NEMiss.News Blue Mountain Univ athletes with Santa

Joshua Taylor (White shirt) and Jaeden Brown (black shirt) with Santa (red shirt)
Photo: Coach J, Blue Mountain Univ.

A large part of the decorations for the day were wrapped packages and lots of toys and games stacked up around Santa’s chair. Those toys were collected by Blue Mountain College student athletes for donation to needy families. This was their first year to have a toy drive, and their efforts certainly paid off. Coach “J” and his assistants Joshua Taylor and Jaeden Brown, of Blue Mountain Christian University Powerlifting, delivered the gifts to Rainbow Center.

NEMiss.News Santa and Coach J of Blue Mountain Univ.

Santa and Coach J of Blue Mountain Univ.
Photo: NEMiss.News

On the way out of New Albany to another visit, the Claus duo decided to have one of their favorite Southern meals – chicken from George’s. The friendly folks at George’s graciously comped the Claus’s meal, which Santa and Mrs. Claus thought was a very sweet example of Southern hospitality. And, it may have pushed George’s up a few notches on the “nice” list, though we all know George’s chicken is already high on most lists!


Enjoy a few photos from the Rainbow Learning Center in the gallery below, then go to Mr. and Mrs. Santa Scott FB page for more individual photos of the event:



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