Strong thunderstorm today created widespread problems for NALGW customers

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A strong, fast moving thunderstorm that blew through New Albany about 12:30 PM today created a variety of problems for New Albany Light Gas and Water. The National Weather Service in Memphis warned of 60 mph wind gusts.

Readers reported scattered flooding in streets, as well as power outages and water problems caused by lightning and wind through the area.  A major power outage occurred on the west side of New Albany.

Lightning struck a tree east of New Albany on Hwy 348 and took out a major water line when it grounded out.  Customers on that line were told to expect reduced pressure and some discolored water until the system is back to normal.

As of about 8:15 pm NALGW director Bill Mattox said that only a few scattered power outages were still to be addressed.

More excellent service from the New Albany Light Gas and Water!



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