The Union County Board of Supervisor approves purchase of additional garbage cans, new Argo Responder vehicle

NEMiss.News County Board Meeting 1-17-2023



The board approved a Resolution proposed by Board Attorney Chandler Rogers for a Medal of Honor Trail.

At the request of County Administrator Terry Johnson, supervisors rescinded previous quotes on fans at the Fairgrounds Arena (low bidder required payment in advance) and discussed new quotes once everyone has a chance to look them over again.

Additionally, the board discussed quotes on additional garbage carts to be purchased with ARPA funds; three bids were received: TBS Supply for $27,743.00, Cascade for $28,563.00 Schaefer for 29,810.01 The board approved the bid from Cascade due to its better product quality.

They also amended budgets for Toyota Debt Service Fund by $500 an increase paying agent fees as well as E-911 purchase of 911 Road Signs, respectively.

At the request of Chancery Clerk Annette Hickey, the board approved County Departments Budget Comparison for December 2022 and semi-annual payments as Clerk of Board (MS Code 25-7-9).

County Coroner Pam Boman was granted payment of 13 Medical Examiner Fees.

The Board discussed quotes for Emergency Management Administrator Curt Clayton for purchasing a 2023 Argo Responder, which will be paid for through a grant received by EMA. There were two bids considered:  Star Power Sports ($36,779) and Adventure ATV ($35,949.) The Adventure ATV bid was approved.

The road department was given approval for new part-time employment of Darren Timmons. Three new school bus turn arounds were approved. The contract with Chem-Pro for winter road service was approved, along with part time employment for David Herod.

The Sheriff’s Department received approval for a manual check payable to the PIPE fund, also MS DARE Training Centre in Louisville for training, lodging, and meals supplies for Terry Dowty, Jr.

Approval was granted to the Solid Waste Department for the promotion of John Moody as Foreman and Richard “Chris” Jordan. These promotions take effect January 17, 2023.

Tax Assessor/Collector Tameri Dunnam received approval for the surrendered tag list, the outstanding checks, inventory deletions, and three petitions for reductions of assessments.

A motion to adjourn until 10 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 6, was approved.

Video of full meeting by Kenny S studiohttps://youtu.be/KO043YP-oRk

–Kendall Stancil