Tornados kill 4 in Missouri; expect storms in Mississippi all day today and overnight till midday tomorrow – National & International News – WED 5Apr2023


Tornados kill 5 in Missouri; expect storms in Mississippi after 2pm and overnight till midday tomorrow.

Israeli soldiers storm mosque during Ramadan.


Tornados kill 5 in Missouri; expect storms in Mississippi after 2pm and overnight till midday tomorrow

The storm system rumbling over the Midwest right now has already spawned a tornado that has killed at least 5 in southeast Missouri. Current forecasts (see the links below) show that Mississippi should expect severe storms starting around 2pm in the northern part of the state. There’ll be a brief break around 7 pm before another front forms starting around midnight. This will continue gathering strength to produce what will likely be very dangerous weather overnight (heavy rain, possible hail and tornados) and into the early morning hours on Thursday. It looks as though the worst will pass by midday Thursday.

Tornado watches are already in effect in Coahoma, DeSoto, Marshall, Panola, Quitman, Tate and Tunica Counties.

Keep your phones charged and weather alerts turned on. Stay off the roads if you can and be aware of your nearest shelters. Severe weather is possible during the daytime but even more likely overnight, so stay vigilant!

Click here for a video with radar progression until midday tomorrow  (opens in new tab).

Here’s a predictive radar tool that will help you see what’s coming your way over the next several hours (opens in new tab).




Israeli soldiers storm mosque during Ramadan

The Muslim celebration of Ramadan and the Jewish celebration of Passover overlap this year. These overlaps don’t occur every year, but when they do, it frequently gives rise to sectarian violence in Israel. Early this morning, Israeli soldiers stormed the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem (one of the holiest sites in Islam) while congregants were inside for an overnight vigil.

The soldiers tossed in stun grenades with officials claiming they were targeting masked youths who had run into the mosque, firing fireworks back at them. The raid injured dozens of worshippers. The Muslim worshippers were then driven out while Israeli worshippers were allowed to enter under police protection. Al-Aqsa is the site of the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

In retaliation, Gaza militants fired rockets into Israel, all of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Israel responded with several air strikes.

Israel’s far-right nationalist ruling coalition has been encouraging Jews to visit Al-Aqsa during Ramadan, which is sure to provoke violence. This comes just a few weeks after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right allies were forced to temporarily halt an overhaul of the Israeli judicial system. The reforms would allow the Knesset (Israeli parliament) to disregard or overrule rulings from Israel’s Supreme Court striking down laws that violate human rights. Massive protest movements against the reforms and a general strike brough the country to a standstill. 

However, Netanyahu and the Knesset has vowed to renew their push to pass the reforms after Passover. Stoking the violence will provide a convenient cover and distraction that will allow them to do so.

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