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Trump claimed to have intel on French President Emmanuel Macron’s sex life. Trump’s lawyers may be FBI targets themselves. Cases of sexual assault in military jump 13%.


Trump claimed to have intel on French President’s sex life

Of all the classified material the FBI carried out of Trump’s home on August 8, one item above all captured the imagination. The list of seized property included a litany of items labeled “secret”, “top secret” and “above-top-secret”, and one labeled “info re: President of France”.

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, initially attempted to befriend Trump shortly after his 2017 inauguration. Macron invited the Trumps to France as honored guests to much fanfare. However, the relationship between the two presidents soon turned contentious after Trump first pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and then the Iran nuclear deal. Trump once referred to Macron as a “pain in the ass” while addressing some UN ambassadors.

Sources close to Trump say that Trump had boasted that he knew intimate details about Macron’s sex life from some intelligence he’d been briefed on while in the White House.

Trump’s lawyers may themselves be targets of FBI investigation

Two of Trump’s attorneys, Christina Bobb and Evan Corcoran, may themselves be under FBI scrutiny. Both Bobb and Corcoran signed sworn statements assuring that Trump had turned over all classified documents to the feds and that there was no more classified material at Mar-a-Lago. This ultimately proved not to be true. During the August 8 search, FBI agents recovered in a matter of hours twice the amount of material that Trump had previously turned over in the previous 7 months.

It casts doubt on Bobb and Corcoran’s assurances that they had conducted a “diligent search” of the property. This suggests the attorneys deliberately attempted to unlawfully retain the material and prevent the FBI from finding it, which amounts to obstruction of justice.

Trump’s attorneys and Justice Department attorneys were back in court again today. A judge has decided whether to grant the Trump’s team’s request for a “special master” to oversee the FBI’s investigation. However, the judge did order DOJ to release a more detailed “property receipt” of items seized from Mar-a-Lago. DOJ says they are prepared to release the list to the public due to the “extraordinary circumstances” of the case and that they will provide the list to Trump “immediately”.


Cases of sexual assault in military jump 13%

Reported incidents of sexual assault in the military have shot up by 13% in the last year. The Army saw the greatest increase of all branches of the military at 26%. The problems of sexual assault in the military have received increasing attention in recent years. In 2020, US Army soldier Vanessa Guillen at Ft. Hood was found murdered. She had been missing for two months after reporting sexual assault by a fellow soldier. After reporting the abuse, she also suffered harassment from others on base including from senior officers. It turns out that the soldier who assaulted her had kidnapped and murdered her. Guillen’s family is now suing the US Army for $35 million.

Following the Guillen case and a number of other sexual harassment cases at Ft. Hood, the Army made a public show of disciplining the base’s commanding officers. The Pentagon has also vowed publicly to improve reporting procedures and to tackle toxic rape culture that is pervasive at many military installations. The latest numbers suggest that there has been no change for the better.

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