Two released from Union County jail, arrested for robbery later the same day

NEMiss.News Suspects arrested for convenience store robbery

Two men enjoyed less than a full day of freedom after being released from the Union County Jail on Monday, Jan. 25.

New Albany police officers arrested Jack Clyde Emrick, age 33, and David Wayne Renfrow, age 47, who are accused in connection with the robbery of the Shell convenience store on Highway 30 West at about 9:30 Monday evening.

Police say Emrick entered the store sometime after 9 p.m. and told the clerk “this is a holdup.”  No weapon was actually displayed, but the clerk said Emrick pointed a finger from under his clothing indicating he had a handgun. The clerk handed over an undisclosed amount of cash from the cash register.

New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson said Renfrow met Emrick after the “holdup, and they divided the money between them. Robertson said Emrick is charged with strong-arm robbery, and Renfrow is charged as accessory after the fact.

Emrick and Renfrow apparently spent part of the money a short while after the holdup at another story nearby. Based on facts determined by the investigation, law enforcement officers located the pair in the area of Starlyn Drive and arrested them about midnight.

The pair had been released from jail earlier in the day, having been charged with other crimes.

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