Union Co. Supervisors act on poll worker pay, 911 Board, Martintown ARC Grant, road work and much more





The Union County Board of Supervisors kicked off August with an eventful meeting on August 7, 2023. They swiftly approved a range of items on the agenda, including the Statement of Expenditures for the Tax Office and Sheriff’s Department, the Meal Log for the Jail, Claims Docket payments, Board Minutes, Road Department Work Schedule, Solid Waste Register, and the Medical Examiner Statement of Fees.

The board approved the Grant Agreement Resolution for the Martintown Industrial Park ARC Grant, which allows for the purchase of land and improvements. This grant has several benefits, including stimulating economic growth, creating jobs, attracting new businesses, revitalizing infrastructure, increasing tax revenue, fostering innovation, and promoting collaboration within the community.

Union County’s Legislative Grant Projects, as outlined in HB603, have been approved. These projects cover a wide range of initiatives, including infrastructure improvements, community development, education, healthcare, economic development, and environmental conservation. The approval allows for funding to be allocated towards these various projects. Other departments items approved was the Minority/Women Business Enterprises Policy and The Code of Standards of Conduct Policy were approved.

The Chancery Clerk obtained approval for the Butler Snow Continuing Disclosure Agreement. Additionally, the Circuit Clerk received approval for inventory deletions of election equipment. Circuit Clerk office were also approved for Circuit Court payment, Election Commissioners per diem claim forms, and Circuit Clerk payment for services as Registrar. Furthermore, the Circuit Clerk’s request for an increase in pay for poll workers was approved. Starting in January, poll workers will receive $125, with the potential for the pay to increase up to $200. During the meeting, Emergency Management discussed the formation of a new Board for 911 emergencies, which includes Kevin Dale White, Mark Whiteside, Chris Robertson, Barry Baker, Heather Reed, the County Coordinator and the Vice President of the Board of Supervisors.

During the board meeting, several topics were discussed and approved. The Road Department received quotes for repair work and hauling materials for County Road 77. Additionally, approval was granted for the inventory deletion of a 5090E John Deere Tractor, as well as part-time Employment/Payroll Authorizations and the Approval of 2023-2024 School Bus Turnarounds. The Tax Office received approval for a Surrendered Tag List and a Petition to Decrease the 2022 assessment for four parcels, along with the acceptance of the 2023 Land Roll. The board also discussed a letter of Protest and Appeal of Tax Assessment. Furthermore, the Volunteer Fire Department obtained approval for a grant to acquire Air Packs for five Volunteer Fire Departments.

The board meeting was recessed and will resume on Monday, August 21, 2023.

Meeting Agenda:Supervisors agenda 8-7-23

Video of full meeting (KennySStudios):  

–Kendall Stancil

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