Union Co. Supervisors receive bids on Martintown North ARC project, authorize land purchase

NEMiss.News Board of Supervisors 3-4-2024



The Union County Board of Supervisors convened on March 4, 2024, to address a range of critical matters. The following items were discussed and approved as part of the consent agenda:

The Board approved payments from the February 2024 claims docket, ensuring timely disbursement to various entities. The Statement of Expenditures for the Tax Office and the Sheriff’s Department for February 2024 was reviewed and approved. The meal log for the jail during February 2024 was examined and received approval. The minutes from the February 2024 Board meeting were reviewed and accepted. The work schedule for the Road Department in March 2024 was approved. The Medical Examiner’s statement of fees was considered and given the green light. The Solid Waste Register was approved, along with the 90-day delinquent list.

The Board Attorney addressed the following matters, Funds were returned in accordance with a court order. Approval was granted for the purchase of Pennebaker land, and a manual check was authorized for the transaction.

The County Engineer reported on the Martintown North Industrial Park ARC Project (MS-2138): Bids were received for the project, and contractor clearance was obtained from the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) on February 23, 2024. The Notice of Award may now be issued. Approval was granted for payment to the County Engineer for engineering services.

The Union County Board of Supervisors addressed the following matters related to the Road Department. Robert Childs received approval for an employment change, transitioning to the role of Shop Foreman and Assistant Receiving Clerk. His responsibilities will include overseeing operations and assisting with receiving duties. Notably, this position will be bonded for added security. Timothy “Dow” Upchurch’s employment change was also approved, designating him as an Assistant Receiving Clerk within the Road Department. The Board authorized Road Department employees to serve as first responders in emergency situations, enhancing community safety and response capabilities. Approval was granted for the employment of Byron “Scott” Sloan as a Solid Waste worker. His contributions will contribute to efficient waste management within the county.

The meeting adjourned, with the next session scheduled for Monday, March 18, 2024. The Union County Board of Supervisors remains committed to effective governance and community service.

–Kendall Stancil

Audio recording of March 4 meeting (Kenny S Studios)



1. Consent Agenda

  • Approve Claims Docket payments from February 2024
  • Approve Statement of Expenditures for Tax Office from February 2024
  • Approve Statement of Expenditures for Sheriff’s Department and Jail from February 2024
  • Approve Meal Log for Jail from February 2024 e)
  • Approve Board Minutes from February 2024
  • Approve Road Department Work Schedule for March 2024
  • Medical Examiner Statement of Fees
  • Approve Solid Waste Register Approve Solid Waste 90-day Delinquent List

2. Board Attorney

  • Approval of return of funds per Court Order
  • Approval of purchase of Pennebaker land and approval of manual check for purchase

3. County Administrator

  • Approval of inventory deletion of iPhone
  • Approval of renewing health and dental insurance with Affordable Care
  • Approval of three (3) manual checks that were inadvertently omitted from Claims Docket and one (1) that was lost in mail (“stop payment” has been made at bank)

4. County Engineer

  • Bids received for Martintown North Industrial Park ARC Project Number MS-2138 (award of the contract is contingent upon approval from MDA for contractor clearance; clearance was received on 2/23/24, thereby Notice of Award may be given)
  • Approval of payment to County Engineer for engineering services

5. Circuit Clerk

  • Approval of inventory deletion
  • Approval of payment to Circuit Clerk for Circuit Court
  • Approval of payment of Election Commissioners claim forms (5)
  • Approval of payment to Circuit Clerk for assisting Election Commissioners (Miss Code 23-15-225)

6. Extension Office

  • Approval of two (2) Inventory Deletions

7. Maintenance, Buildings & Grounds

  • Discuss quotes received to replace HVAC unit in Tax Office

8. Road Department

  • Approval of employment change for Robert Childs to Shop Foreman and Assistant Receiving Clerk (will be bonded)
  • Approval of employment change for Timothy “Dow” Upchurch as Assistant Receiving Clerk
  • Authorization of Road Department Employees to serve as First Responders

9. Solid Waste

  • Approval of new employment for Byron “Scott” Sloan as Solid Waste worker

10. Recess to Monday, March 18, 2024

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