Union County Art Exhibit & Competition 2022

NEMiss.News Teacher Justin Treadaway and Best in Show student Alexandria Robertson
West Union Art Teacher Justin Treadaway and student Alexandria Robertson standing in front of her artwork Atticus Luna which won Best of Show in the Union County High School Art Exhibit and competition currently showing at the Union County Heritage Museum
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More than 185 entries were submitted to the annual Union County High School Art Exhibit and Competition 2022 at the Union County Heritage Museum.

The exhibit opened April 19 and will be on exhibit through May 7, 2022.

“The artwork from these students from Myrtle, Ingomar, East and West Union is always good, and this year is no exception. Best in Show this year goes to Alexandria Robertson from West Union for her linoleum block print “Atticus Luna”, which is exceptional, said Museum Director, Jill Smith. “Our judges were very impressed with the quality of this year’s work,” she said.

NEMiss.News Union County art teachers

Art Teachers from Union County at the county wide exhibit held at the museum include front (l-r) Amy Ball, Ingomar; Jessica Waite, Myrtle and back (l-r) Kalicia Henderson, East Union and Justin Treadaway, West Union. Over 185 pieces of artwork were submitted for this year’s exhibit.

The museum has a large body of good student work collected as purchase awards from the student work through the exhibits. This year’s Purchase Award for 2022 went to Ingomar student Daniel Sheppard for his mixed media piece “NICE”.

“ Stop by the museum by May 7, and see the student’s artwork,” Smith said.

The winners of the different categories are shown below.

Judging Criteria

Best in Show: Alexandria Robertson, “Atticus Luna”, Linoleum Print, West Union
Purchase Award: Daniel Sheppard, “NICE”, Mixed Media, Ingomar
Ingomar Winner – “Through the Grape Vine”, BreAnn Thompson
West Union Winner -“Golden Sunset”, Makayla Pruitt
East Union Winner – “Hey Good Lookin”, Ryleigh Squires.
Myrtle Winner – “Mississippi Meadows”, Shae Lipsey

Painting Acrylic:

1st. Koby Hallam, “Pyramid Head”, West Union
2nd. Emma Hill, “The Wolf and the Ravens”, West Union
3rd. Daniel Sheppard. “Self Portrait”, Orange- Ingomar
Honorable Mention: Hunter Culver, “Old South”, West Union

Painting –Acrylic Art 1

1st. Eve Cooper, “Sweet Selfie”, Ingomar
2nd. Cassidie Jackson, “Selfie in Purple”, Ingomar
3rd. Jenna Carpenter, “Watermelon”- West Union
Honorable Mention: T’nya Jones “Yellow Selfie” Ingomar

NEMiss.News Kinsley Waite and winning painting

Kinsley Claire Waite. Myrtle, “Sheila Loves Flowers”

Painting /Tempera

1st. Kinzie Waite, “Sheila Loved Flowers”, Myrtle
2nd. Riley  “Water Lilies”, Myrtle
3rd. Emma Priest, “Marilyn Moment”, Myrtle
Honorable Mention:
Noah Trejo, “The Blue Rose of Jalisco”, Myrtle
Emma Priest, “Fender Bender”, Myrtle



Mixed Media

1st. Owen White, “Planet Chaos”, Ingomar
2nd. Riley Shinault, “Illusion”, Myrtle
3rd. K. Cagle, “Sunflower Encyclopedia”, Myrtle
Honorable Mention: D. Kinsey, “Pink Lemonade”, Myrtle

Purchase Awards

Daniel Sheppard, “NICE”, Ingomar High school

Drawing – Pastels

1st. Micha Sewell, “Rose Bud”, Ingomar
2nd. Anna G. Gaines, “Happy Faces”, Ingomar
3rd. Mary H. Whitehead, “Kiwi Still Life”, Ingomar

Drawing Charcoal / Pencil/Marker

1st. Alexandria Robertson, “Rapture’, West Union
2nd. Tessa Hartfield, “Petals in the Morning”, Ingomar
3rd. Niah Sowell, “Blow Me Away”, Ingomar
Honorable Mention:
Alexandra Robertson, “Sea Fairy”, West Union
Jalazia McDonald, “Ariana Grande”, Ingomar
Raquel Mejia, “Reflections”, West Union

Mixed Media 2 D design

1st. M. Whitehead, “Just Pray” Ingomar
2nd. Ana Smith, “Lost Mushrooms”, East Union
3rd. Ayden Roberts, “Avatar”, East Union
Honorable Mention
Kyla Parker, “Glam” Ingomar
Gracie Morris, “A Day to Remember” Ingomar
Ryleigh Squires “Speak to me” East Union
Makenzie Holley “Go Urchins”

Painting Watercolor

1st. Makayla Pruitt, “Golden Sunset”, West Union
2nd. Austin Hardin, “House”, West Union High School
3rd. Jalazja McDonald, “Jenson Akles”, Ingomar High School
Honorable Mention
Sydney Sanders, “Wonderland”, West Union
Tabitha Hall, “Watch and Judge” West Union
Tessa Hartfield, “Monarch of the Flowers” Ingomar
Maria Caballero, “Van Gough Inspired” East Union
Macy Whittington, “River Valley” West Union

Painting Water Color Art I

1st. Ayden Roberts, “Spice” East Union
2nd. Leighann Briggs, “Foxy” East Union
3rd. Emily Stinson “Spring Time Bunnies” Ingomar
Honorable Mention: Maggie Roberts, “Hibiscus”, Ingomar

3 D Ceramics

1st. Nian Sowell, “Decay”, Ingomar
2nd. LeighAnn Brigs, “Hello Darlin”, East Union
3rd. Cooper Hall, “Chickasaw Inspired”, Ingomar
Honorable Mention
Ava Rose Smith, “Squeeze the Day”, East Union
Clayton Bridges, “Hopper Inspired” Ingomar


1st. Best in show, Alexandria Robertson, “Actias Luna” West Union
2nd. Ingomar High School Award, Brianne Thompson, “Through the Grapevine” Ingomar
3rd. Kaylee Thompson, “Feather among the Blossoms” Ingomar
Honorable Mention
Joel Smith, “Cowboy Way” Ingomar
Niah Sowell “Succulent Sight” Ingomar

Special Distinction

1st. Ayden Roberts, “Avatar” East Union
2nd. Charles Hattix, “Under the Sea” East Union
3rd. Charles Hattix, “Duck Days” East Union
Honorable Mention
Ava Rose Smith, “Lost Mushroom” East Union
Makenzie Holley “Go Urchins” East Union
Makenzie Holley “Sweet Bunnies” East Union

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