Union County Supervisors discuss vehicle purchases, Spanish classes & more






The meeting started with several items that were included in the consent agenda. These included approval of the statement of expenditures for the Tax Office and Sheriff’s Department, as well as the meal log for the Jail. Additionally, the claims docket payments, board minutes, road department work schedule, 90-day delinquent list, solid waste register, and medical examiner statement of fees were all approved.

The Circuit Clerk’s office had several items on their agenda, including approving election commissioners claim forms, payments for services as Registrar, and payment for the term of court. The Road Department sought approval for advertising annual commodity bids and bids for the purchase of dump trucks using ARPA funds. Additionally, they sought approval for a Chem-Pro Agreement for fall spraying. The Tax Office had an item for approval of the insolvency list.

The Sheriff’s Department had a request for approval of travel reimbursement for Shawn Thompson to attend a Dispatcher Course in Amory on October 10, as well as a Simple Spanish for Dispatchers Course in Tupelo on November 6-7. The Solid Waste Department sought approval for the employment and payroll authorization of Ethan Moody. The Volunteer Fire Department had an item for approval of a Fire Truck purchase on State Contract, with East Union VFD agreeing to pay $10,000 for a larger tank.

Lastly, the meeting was recessed until Monday, October 16, 2023.

–Kendall Stancil

OCTOBER 2, 2023

1. Consent Agenda

a) Approve Statement of Expenditures for Tax Office from September 2023

b) Approve Statement of Expenditures for Sheriff’s Department and Jail from September 2023

c) Approve Meal Log for Jail from September 2023

d) Approve Claims Docket payments from September 2023

e) Approve Board Minutes from September 2023

f) Approve Road Department Work Schedule for October 2023

g) Approve 90-day Delinquent List

h) Approve Solid Waste Register from September 2023

i) Approve Medical Examiner Statement of Fees (16)

2. Circuit Clerk

a) Approval of Election Commissioners claim forms (10)

b) Approval of Circuit Clerk payments for services as Registrar (2)

c) Approval of Circuit Clerk payment for term of court

3. Road Department

a) Approval of advertising for Annual Commodity Bids

b) Approval of advertising for Bids for the purchase of Dump Trucks (using ARPA Funds)

c) Approval of Chem-Pro Agreement for Fall spraying

4. Tax Office

a) Approval of Insolvency List

5. Sheriff’s Department

a) Approval of travel reimbursement for Shawn Thompson to attend Dispatcher Course in Amory, October 10, and to attend a Simple Spanish for Dispatchers Course in Tupelo, November 6-7

6. Solid Waste Department

a) Approval of employment/payroll authorization of Ethan Moody

7. Volunteer Fire Department

a) Approval of Fire Truck purchase on State Contract (East Union VFD to pay $10,000 for larger tank)

8. Recess to Monday, October 16, 2023.


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