Union County fair 2022: large crowd from several counties come for the fun

NEMiss.News Union County Fair 2022



It was a perfect night for a county fair in North Mississippi. Temperatures after sunset at 8:08 p.m. Saturday dropped into the mid 80’s. Humidity was low, but there was a lot of “particulate matter” in the air, making it difficult for some people with respiratory problems to breathe.

NEMiss.News Family fun coming up at the fair

These folks were looking forward to getting started with their fair night, but were nice enough to take time to pose for a photo.

Several thousand people from Union and all contiguous counties filled all the parking spaces within several hundred yards of the Union County Fairgrounds on the northwest side of New Albany.

Families, including babies in strollers, enjoyed the carnival rides, the calf roping event in the Arena, and millions of calories in tasty and expensive junk food.

NEMiss.News Calf-roping event

Calf roping (or not) at the 2022 Fair.

Except for state circuit court judges and a low-interest congressional race, there are no exciting elections this year, but there was still some small scale politicking.



NEMiss.News Fair Food is a requirement

“Fair food” is a requirement for all successful fair trips.

The lights were bright on all the rides, and most everybody seemed well behaved.

A lot of money changed hands. The fair board collected $7 a head, which hopefully covered their expenses and still left a little balance in the bank to get the 2023 fair off the ground. Of course, the carnies left town with most of the money, but that’s the way it is.

NEMiss.News Politicking at the fair

Politicking is always welcome at the Fair.

In 53 years as a reporter, I have never heard anybody yell, “Stop the presses” and probably never will; ink-and-paper is pretty much a goner. There is no longer a big printing press anywhere in Union County, and those big newspaper presses still in business are now idle much of the time.

NEMiss.News Union County Fair 2022

Mmm. Plenty of choices for a late night bite.

Also, for a half century I have refrained from using the most trite phrase in small town journalism.

However, I am not likely to be in this trade another 50 years, so I will allow myself to use it this one time:

“A good time was had by all” at the 2022 Union County Fair!