Union County run-off election results- Updated

Today’s run-off election resolved all nominations except, perhaps, for one.

Mississippi election law requires a run-off election if no candidate receives an absolute majority of votes in a primary election.

David Kitchens and C. J. Bright were the top two of several candidates running for the Democratic nomination for Union County District Three Supervisor in the August 4 primary. In Tuesday’s run-off election, Kitchens received 477 votes and Bright got 476. However the one vote advantage did not give Kitchens an absolute majority, because there were five write-in votes.  Kitchens received 49.79% and Bright had 49.69%.

Will there be a run-off of the run-off? That question remained unresolved when the count was finished Tuesday night.

Circuit Clerk Phyllis Stanford, the county’s top election official, told NAnewsweb that Bright told her Tuesday night that he wanted a recount. Stanford told him he would have to go to the Union County Democratic committee for a resolution to the question.

The Democratic primary winner will face Republican Michael R. Moody, who defeated David Kent by more than a 2 to 1 margin in the Republican run-off for District Three Supervisor.


Today’s turnout was slightly over 30% of registered voters. The following results are with 20 of 20 precincts reporting, with all absentee ballots included, but with one affadavit ballot not counted in District 1. 


County Superintendent of Schools:

Basil                1757        56.90%
Hartfield       1326      42.94%



Justice Court Judge East Post:

Garrison       1181   62.55%

Whitten        706     37.39%

Constable West Post

Galloway       1021     38.91%

Goudy            1600     60.98%

Supervisor- District 1 (one affadavit ballot not included)

Denton          549     57.37%

Hancock        407     42.53%

Supervisor- District 3

Bright              476     49.69%

Kitchens         477    49.79%

Supervisor- District 5

Roberts           422     43.87%

Watson           539     56.03%




Supervisor- District 3

Kent                 69       28.51%

Moody            169      69.83%


For detailed results of each precinct, click to enlarge images below.

election final0001


election final0002


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