Vote YES! tomorrow in Union County School District’s School Bond referendum



Polls will be open tomorrow, Tuesday September 19, 2023, from 7AM until 7PM.

If you live in the Union County School District (UCSD), those polling sites are open just for you.

If you care about children who attend, or who may ever attend, any of the four schools in the the UCSD, vote YES! for improving their safety in the coming years.

Vote YES!, as well, for improving the schools’ environment, making it optpimal for the teaching and learning which occur there.

The school bond plan has been well thought out, and will provide what is needed to continue producing a good future for Union County students for generations to come.

Good schools are a key factor in any growing community’s value.

They attract businesses, visitors, and new residents, all of which are essential to the long-term viability of the whole community.

Vote YES! tomorrow. It’s well past time for this to be done.



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