When it comes to emergency vehicles, “Do the right thing”

NEMiss.News Fire trucks blocked en route to fire



NAFD fire crews responded to a Gray street residence at 6:33 p.m. Saturday, May 4th, to reports of wires sparking in the attic. FD1 made the turn off of Hwy 30 east onto Gray Street, only to be delayed by a truck and trailer loading a car from a residence there.

NEMiss.News NAFD crew members

NAFD crew members at Gray Rd. house fire
photo: courtesy NAFD

FD1, in the Chief’s vehicle, was able to get off the road and go around the truck that was blocking the road, but the fire trucks could not make their way around the blocking vehicle. FD1 was able to get to the scene and reported smoke coming from the attic area. He requested firefighters to bring a water extinguisher to the home that was on fire until the fire trucks could get in.

The driver of the truck blocking the road told firefighters to “just go around him,” but there was not enough room for fire trucks to do so. FD1 requested assistance from the New Albany Police Department to have the driver of the truck to move.

Before NAPD officers arrived, the driver moved the blocking vehicle from the road, allowing fire engine 1 from station 1 to make the scene.

“Fire Trucks did have a delay making the scene due to this incident, but, thankfully, quick actions from those at the home putting water on the attic fire, and use of the portable water extinguisher, kept the fire in check until we could get a fire hose in the attic,” Fire Chief Mark Whiteside reported.

Minimal fire damage was done to the attic, and water damage was reported to the bathroom, hall, and a portion of the living area. No injuries were reported, and the fire is still be investigated, with no indication it was anything other than accidental.

Crews were back in service at 8:04 p.m.

NEMiss.News Gray road house fire

House fire on Gray Rd.
Photo” courtesy NAFD

Chief Whiteside stresses “the importance of getting to the scene and getting water on a fire in a timely manner,” and reminds the public that “preventing fire crews from doing so can have a very negative effect on the outcome.”

Please respect fire trucks, and all other emergency vehicles, attempting to reach their destination. Besides the fact that it is Mississippi law that emergency vehicles have the right-of-way, you never know when the next call for help may be a matter of life and death for you or someone you love. We can all spare the few seconds it takes to do the right thing.

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