UPDATED:Widespread damage from storm in New Albany, no reports of injuries thus far



UPDATED: 12:30am March 25, 2023

LGW Manager Bill Mattox reports that as of half past midnight several circuits of the electrical system are still down. He expects most power to be restored by daylight, although there will be individual customers whose power will not be restored until sometime in the daylight hours of Saturday.


UPDATED: 11:40 March 24,2023:  Flooding streets:

Fire Chief  Mark Whiteside reports to NEMiss.News  that some streets are flooded. Firemen have assisted three people from vehicles stranded in flooded streets. Oxford Loop between Highway 30 and Martintown Rd, is shut down due to trees and power lines on the street.

Original Post:
New Albany Fire chief Mark Whiteside reports widespread local damage from trees blown onto structures.

Many power lines are down and streets blocked. The public is urged to stay off the  streets.

LGW Manager Bill Mattox reports major portions of electric service are down.  As of 11:00 pm NALGW is trying to assess the extent of damage.

“Crews are at work, but it is too soon to say when power will be restored,” says Mattox.

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