Wildfire risk high. Outdoor burn ban remains in place

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Wildfires are a growing danger in Mississippi. The forestry commission has issued a statewide fire risk alert.

In the last 35 days – since September 15, 2022 – 3,032 acres have burned in Mississippi. There were a half-dozen or more brush fires south of Jackson yesterday alone, although none of significance have been reported in Union or adjacent counties so far this week.

However, Union and at least two dozen other Mississippi counties remain under a ban against outdoor burning.

Yesterday’s lead national news story on NEMiss.News was about the Mississippi River being so low that century-old boat wrecks have been reported emerging from the muddy bottom. One, near one of the several Mississippi River bridges in and near Baton Rouge, is believed to be a 100-foot wooden ferry boat that sank in a 1915 storm.

Union County has been especially dry the last two months. Joe Wilson of New Albany does a meticulous job of measuring rainfall and keeping detailed records.

Last Month, September, Wilson recorded only .51 inches for the entire month. That compares with 1.48 inches last year.

So far in October we have had only 1.31 inches of rain in New Albany. During all of October 2021, New Albany received 3.32 inches of precipitation. October 2020 was especially wet with 8.29 inches of rain.

The Mississippi Forestry Commission reports 100% of the state as either “abnormally” or “moderately” dry.

The outlook for the rest of October is not encouraging. Both Accuweather and the Weather Channel predict no rain here the next few days with a slight chance of rain Monday or Tuesday of the coming week.

Readers are reminded that the ban against outdoor fires made by the Union County Board of Supervisors on October 12 remains in effect until further notice.

Consider putting out a container of water for wandering animals during this dry spell.

See Mississippi Forest Service drought map
Mississippi River exposes century-old ship wreck

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